Pre-Operative Procedures

Animals are anesthetized, most commonly with an inhalant anesthetic such as isoflurane and prepared (prepped) for surgery by shaving the appropriate regions, e.g., the abdomen and dorsal cervical (nape) regions are the most commonly shaved areas. After these areas are clipped and vacuumed, sterile ophthalmic ointment is placed in both eyes, and the surgical site is disinfected by the procedure described below:

The surgical sites are scrubbed with an approved surgical scrub, usually povidone iodine, in a circular pattern starting from the incision area and working out to the periphery of the clipped area. This is followed by an alcohol (isopropyl) rinse by swabbing the surgical area in the same manner as the scrub was done, starting from the surgical site and swabbing out in a circular pattern to the periphery. If more than one surgical site is required, the other site(s) are prepped as described above and depending on the procedure and the location of the other site(s), that preparation may be performed simultaneously, or after the initial surgical procedure is performed.

After the initial prep, the animal is placed on a surgical board that is draped with a sterile drape and passed to the surgeon, who repeats the disinfection by treating the surgical site with an approved disinfectant followed by an alcohol swabbing. The animal is then draped with a sterile surgical drape. Appropriate facilities and equipment are available for the post-operative care of animals.