Long Evans

Long Evans Rat


The Long Evans rat is a descendant of Wistar female rats crossed with a gray male rat of unknown origins (believed to be wild) by Dr. Long and Dr. Evans in 1915. The Wistar can be traced back to Dr. Donaldson who established a colony at the Wistar Institute. Hilltop rederived the line by cesarean section. Colony histories contain some possibility of error. This information is provided to the best of Hilltop's knowledge.
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Services Offered
  • Retired Breeders
  • Timed Pregant
  • Untimed Pregnant
  • Littermates
  • Mothers with Litters


The coat color of the rat is white with a black/brown hood. The eyes are pigmented. The rat colony is maintained as an outbred colony. The colony at Hilltop Lab Animals, Inc. is a closed colony. Closed colonies develop qualities causing the rats to be uniquely suited to certain types of research.