C57BL/6 Mouse


The strain originates at Granby Mouse Farm run by Abbie E. C. Lathrop and was bred there from 1903-1915. After that, the strain was developed by Little in 1921, Hall in 1937, and Jax in 1947. In 1951, the strain was delivered to NIH. In 1991, Taconic began breeding the mouse. In 1991, the strain was established at Hilltop. All colony histories contain some possibility of inaccuracy. This information is provided to the best of Hilltop's knowledge.
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The coat color of the mouse is black. The mouse is propagated by brother x sister mating. The colony at Hilltop Lab Animals, Inc. is a closed colony and has been so since 1991. Closed colonies develop qualities causing the mice to be uniquely suited to certain types of research.