Lewis Rat


The Lewis rat is a descendant of the Wistar Commercial Stock of rats. The Wistar can be traced back to Donaldson who established a colony at the Wistar Institute. The rat was cesarean derived in 1999 and fostered onto CVF® rats. Colony histories contain some possibility of error. This information is provided to the best of Hilltop's knowledge.
Growth Chart
Viral Antibody Profile 8
Viral Antibody Profile 11
Services Offered
  • Retired Breeders
  • Timed Pregant
  • Untimed Pregnant
  • Littermates
  • Mothers with Litters


The coat color of the rat is albino. The rat colony is an inbred colony. Animals are propagated by brother x sister mating. The colony at Hilltop Lab Animals, Inc. is a closed colony and has been so since 1999. Closed colonies develop qualities causing the rats to be uniquely suited to certain types of research.