Hysterectomy (Ovaries Intact)

Available in: Rats and Mice Anesthetics Analgesic
Pre-Operative Procedures Intra-Operative Care Post-Operative Care

Surgical Preparation

The animal is anesthetized and clipped over the abdominal region. Sterile eye lubricant is placed in both eyes, and the clipped skin area over the abdomen is surgically prepared. The animal is placed in dorsal recumbency on a surgery board fitted with a sterile board drape. Analgesic is administered.

Surgical Description

The surgical site is draped with a sterile drape. To expose the uterus, midline, longitudinal incisions are made to the skin and abdominal wall from approximately the symphysis pubis to the midpoint of the abdomen. Padded retractors may be used to increase visibility. The uterine horns are located and exteriorized. Suture is tied around the uterine vessels below the collateral supply to the ovaries and above the supply to the cervix. The vessels between the sutures are transected. The uterine horns below the fallopian tubes are cut, and the cervix is double ligated and transected midway along its length. The uterus is removed.

Surgical Closing

The abdominal incisions are closed with approved closing materials (suture or stainless steel clips), and the surgery sites are treated with an approved disinfectant followed by an alcohol swabbing.


A standard sham hysterectomy model is prepared as described above with regards to surgical site preparation, dissection of the abdomen, exposure of the uterine horns, closing, and surgical site disinfection; however, no tissue is removed.